Schneewittchen is designed to fulfill the requierements of LTF-L, a class of very light airplanes with up to 120 kg empty weight. The requierements are quiet stringent, including not only the extremely low empty weight, but also a very low stall speed below 55 km/h (corresponds to 30 kn or 34 MPH). With the all-wing concept, Schneewittchen suits very well this class. To keep the weight as low as possible, I decided to use an electric drive (for example a Geiger HPD 10), as accumulators do not count to the empty weight.

Data and specifications:
Span: 12.5 m
Surface: 16.6 m²
Aspect ratio: 9.4
Average chord: 1.5 m
Sweepback: 28°
Max. take-off weight: 240 kg
Est. empty weight: 95 – 103 kg
Best glide: 25 at 83 km/h
Lowest sink rate: 0,75 m/s at 64 km/h
Material: mixture between carbon composite and wood


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    • Yes, that’s the idea. Some small powered gliders with a monowheel manage to take-off without help, for example LS9 and Apis Bee. They have an approximate bank angle of 8 to 10°. The Snowwhite will have something around 7°. I have been told that rolling to the runway is no problem with 70mm inliner wheels installed at the wingtips, as long as the tailskid has enough load.

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