Patience …

… is a gift and usually pays off.

The rough XPS core of the cabin is ready to cover. I hoped to be able to use few pieces of abachi veneer to cover it, but it turned out to be impossible. Thus, I remembered a technique I’ve used several times in rc-models. The basic idea is to use small strips of wood to cover the spherical surface. Take for example the prototypes I made for the S12 (1:6), the Beluga (1:4), and Schneewittchen (1:4):




The principle is always the same: Use thin strips to cover the surface.  If you try to cover a spherical section with a large sheet of abachi veneer, balsa or plywood, you produce huge shear loads in the sheet and most likely you’ll fail to get a good surface. The reason is that spherical surfaces have gaussian curvature. It’s very easy to cover a cylinder or a cone, because these lack gaussian curvature: Cones and cylinders are curved only in one direction, whilst the other is straight. This is not the case for the cabin of Schneewittchen, which has for sure gaussian curvature.

I used the same technique. The difference is that I have to prefabricate the curved venner sheet before it is cemented under pressure to the XPS core. This is how it looks at the moment:

There are still a couple of few square meters to cover. Though it will take a couple of days to finish, it is a nice relaxing job which is best done with some music, and of course with plenty of patience.

2 thoughts on “Patience …

  1. Hi Andres,I haven’t been here for a while,quite a lot of progress!
    Re the sheeting,Vincent123 on the nurfluegal forum has a good technique.He models the shape in cad,opens it out flat and cuts the strips with an auto mill.
    Regards Stuart


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