Last foam pieces on the plug

Two complex shaped foam pieces were missing on the plug. We used our new CNC machine to mill these:

Though the machine makes most of the work, a good sketch is always needed. And this isn’t easy. This is even more evident when  three dimensional pieces are milled. We used a mixture between QCad and FreeCAD to design the parts (both open source programs).

The piece at the front of the cabin was straightforwad to draw:




The piece at the aft has a very complex shape: It has on the top a cone shaped section, which is merged to something that looks more like a trailing edge of a wing. Drawing a good transition between these two quite different shapes is challenging. We, thus, decided to keep the piece simple but still providing the basic shape. We will sand it to its final shape:


Time consuming details

„Kleinvieh macht auch Mist!“

This little nice german proverb—which means translated: „Flock makes also muck!“— describes very well the last weeks. Though the CNC machine technically runs since a couple of weeks, not until today most important details were solved. We had to take care of having a proper workholding. This included a tooling table with many drillings and face milling the surface. It is ready up to some changes in the cooling system and vacuum cleaner:


We had to learn a lot about milling. Without experience it is difficult to have a feeling for a good feed rate and turning speed of the spindle. And in case you are wondering: Yes, we broke a couple of tools while testing. At least nobody got hurt. I guess we found now a good combination for wood. Look at those nice chips:


It is ready to work for Schneewittchen! There are a couple of styrofoam pieces and templates for the cabin’s plug waiting to be machined…