Progress on the center section

Though we haven’t been reporting much here, there has been substantial progress on the center section: The lower side of the shell is ready and the upper side will be soon too. It won’t take much time until we’ll join these. You probably can imagine that we are really looking forward to get these pieces together!

The production of the halfs differed slightly: While the outer face sheet of the lower half was geled when glued to the honeycomb core, we decided to let the other outer face sheet to fully cure. The reason is simple, it is quite stressful to keep gelation times when working on such large laminates. Both outer face sheets were produced using vacuum resin infusion, which yields light and great laminates. The inner face sheet needs to be glued in a geled state so that it can admit the right shape.

We made a small series of videos showing how we produced the first half (lower side). Part I, II and III, corresponding to dry layup, vacuum infusion and glueing the core, are ready and online. Enjoy!


Here’s a photo of the finished lower half:


It weights roughly 6.4 kg (14 lbm), which is very good for a piece that takes up much of the the pilot’s weight.

The other half is wating for the inner face sheet. Fully cured outer face sheet:


… and a photo while we distributed the glue for the honeycomb core (3M Scotch-Weld® 9323):