Baking a sligthly different Christmas turkey

We have been preparing to vacuum bag the pattern of the center section for a couple of days. Time runs once the resin is mixed and a good preparation is half the work.

The pattern is covered by thin abachi sheeting (1.2 mm, 1/20 inch). This creates a good surface, which is filled and sanded easily—an approach used often in rc-models. Abachi veneer has to be primed to prevent unnecessary resin consumption. As neither the foam core nor the primed veneer are well wettable, a coupling layer is recommendable. We used 86 g/m² glass fabric and an epoxy resin with a processing time of 110 minutes (HP-E110L). The HP-E110L provides enough time to prepare everything before vacuum bagging.

We proceeded as follows:

  1. Cutting and priming the abachi sheets:
  2. Making a vaccum bag that is large enough (not as trivial as it sounds!)
  3. Laminating the glass fabric, setting the pre-assembled abachi on top of the foam and vacuum bagging the „turkey“:

Right now, everything is curing at -0.3 bar (-43.5 psi) and a temperature of about 20 °C (68 °F). We will see the result tonight!

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