Templates arrived

A nice surprise was waiting for me when I came back home from a long day at work:

…I’m talking about the templates 🙂

Did I mention that these airfoils are quite large? Everything in CAD looks the same size. There’s no palpable difference between 1 mm and 10’000 mm. You simple scroll in and out until the image fits your screen. Once you see the pieces live, you realize how big everything truly is.

Anyway, I started to clean and glue the pieces together:


This will take a couple of days to finish. I’m eagerly waiting for the styrofoam to arrive and to heat that wire up…

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4 Gedanken zu “Templates arrived

  1. I too get excited when templates show up at my threshold!
    That IS a big wing. Lots of room for luggage. Maybe Santa Claus will trade in his reindeer and sleigh for your wing……
    Although you have used a microchip in the development of this project, so far it could have been built with 1940’s technology.

    Gefällt mir

  2. I won’t need a tent for longer trips. The wing offers sufficient space for sleeping inside 🙂

    Though aerospace engineering has evolved much since the 1940s, homebuilt airplanes are built pretty much the same as then: wood and riveted metal. A couple of month ago I ordered a classic book on sailplane construction „Jacobs Werkstattpraxis“ from the 1950s (first edition published in the 1930s). Almost everything you need to know is described there. Probably the most significant change since then has been the application of reinforced plastics. Other new technologies are simply not affordable for private use…

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    • I found foam of sufficient width and height (200 × 600 mm) but not long enough (only 1200 mm against the needed 2900 mm). They arrived yesterday. I will have to glue up to three sheets together for each segment. I’m experimenting with different glues at the moment…

      Gefällt mir

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