Drawings of foam-cutting templates ready

Last week I draw the templates for the center section’s pattern. I need these to cut the foam pieces that make the pattern up. I had to split the large ribs into thread-millable pieces, as the largest one is 2840×500 mm (111×20 inches) and cannot be milled in one piece by my friend. He is hopefully going to mill everything in 4 mm popplar plywood soon. I also ordered enough styrofoam material (14 panels of 200 mm or 8 inches width), which should get here within the next days.

Here’s a screenshot of the templates. Each piece is shorter than 700 mm (27 inches):


It looks like a nice puzzle for a cold winter night. I’m really looking forward to start!

For those wondering what the center section is:


If you put the cabin on top, you’ll end up with the final center section.


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