First foam cutting experiments

The shell layout of the center section is a sandwitch of carbon and honeycomb aramid core. Hence, a mold is needed, and before that, I’ll have to make a good positive pattern. This is my project for the next winter days.

My idea is creating a pattern by hot-wire cutting rigid polystyrene foam (XPS) into shape, sanding, laminating some layers of glas fabric, surface filling and painting to get a high gloss surface.

Sounds good so far, however, I’ve never cut complex foam shapes with a hot-wire before and the pieces I’ll have to cut are almost 3 m  (10 feet) long. This is why I made my first test with the green Styrodur today:


Though I used some old poplar plywood leftovers as templates, the shapes turned out pretty well. I think I’ll go for this material. A friend has a small thread milling machine and he could easily mill the templates…

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