Sectioning the wing

From a point of view of structural design and weight, it would be best to have as few wing pieces as possible. Though a one-piece airplane would be great regarding weight, it would be great mess in transportation, and not to forget, in needed workshop space. Originally, I was thinking of a three piece airplane: two wings and one center section. This is pretty much how the Horten borthers sectioned many of their allwings. My center section was originally going to be 800 mm wide and the wings roughtly 6900 mm long. Pretty long wings, if you ask me…

Well, reality is always different than theory, and „The Long“ workshop is actually not long enough for such an endevour. Raimer and Walter Horten had quiet other possibilities including workshop space, which I simply do not have. However, I’m actually looking for a design, which could fit into a regular garage if necessary. So, I had to rethink the sectioning today.

The obvious solution is to split the wings into two pieces each. This reduces the length of the largest parts to below 5000 mm, which fits into a regular garage.

„The Long“ workshop with largest wing section inside:


Another good aspect of splitting the wing is transportation. Having five sections makes your live much easier when you have to move the airplane from one place to another. A relative small trailer (2000 mm x 4000 mm) should be enought to transport „Miss Snow White“:SW-I_Transport

Dividing the wing into two sectioins has also a downside, which is added structural weight. Anyway, I do not have another choice and the benefits outweight. By the way, I decided to split the wing where the elevon start. This seems to be a good position…

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Ein Gedanke zu “Sectioning the wing

  1. Although 5 pieces sounds like a lot, each piece would be lighter and easier to handle. If you were to simply break the wing span up into 1/3rds, the cabin would be quite heavy and awkward to handle. I predict that you will become the „Wing Joiner KIng“. Just be glad that there are no winglets, fuselage and rudder to fabricate, transport and assemble.

    Gefällt mir

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